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The future of Cybersecurity is here. Companies are investing in protecting their data and new skills will be required. However, for most of the enterprises, teams and individuals who want to join this field, Cybersecurity is still an obscure topic.

We know cyber protection is important, but we know very little about it.

The Cybersecurity Week is the opportunity to get you started in this area! Our speakers and guests will shed some light to decipher concepts such as malware, ransomware or Ddos Attack.

And yes, you don't need to have a special background to join our webinars (or even the Bootcamp). You just need passion and be really, really curious.

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Our upcoming webinars

Cybersecurity Basics - What it is and what you can learn
18th of January, 6 PM GMT +1

Risk Management and Strategy in Cybersecurity
19th of January, 6 PM GMT +1

Become the hacker of the future
20th of January, 6 PM GMT +1


Defending Networks like a Spartan
21st of January, 6 PM GMT +1


Details will be unlocked soon. Stay tuned!

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