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Get free access to our short course on JavaScript and use our code editor to build a small project to find out if a career as a developer is the right fit for you.

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What will you learn Ironhack's free course

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“Learning by doing” methodology
Experience our project-based learning methodology and hands-on approach where you will build a small project as a way to develop your skills.
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In this course you will learn about some basic programming concepts using JavaScript such as variable and loops. JavaScript is one of the key languages used in Web Development along with HTML and CSS.
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Created for beginners
If you have never written a line of code before, have interest to learn the basics of JavaScript and Web Development, then this course is for you.
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This course is fully self-guided and instructor led so you can complete the activities at your own pace and convenience.

Want to know what the full Web Development bootcamp is about?


Web Development

Get Bootcamp-ready and hit the ground running with 50 hours of fundamental training in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, and GitHub. No matter your previous tech knowledge (or lack of it) this first week will make sure every Ironhacker is set up for success.

Full-time students will get 50 hours of training in a combination of self-paced and group activities, guided by an instructor in the week leading up to Bootcamp.

Part-time students will receive the same training, but entirely self-paced for maximum flexibility. You can get started as soon as you become an official student.


HTML/CSS & JavaScript

You'll be introduced to the fundamentals of responsive web design with HTML/CSS and the amazing world of JavaScript.


NodeJS - Express - MongoDB

You will learn everything you need about programmig a server using NodeJS, Express and Handlebars. Additionaly, you will learnabout non-relational databse MongoDB and Mongoose.


Front-end Framework

You will learn one of the most popular Frontend frameworks on the world: ReactJS. Concepts such as Single Page App (SPA) and components based frameworks will start to sound familiar.

What the Web Development bootcamp looks like


Very in depth content and a hands on approach to learning web development. A lot of valuable theory is covered and you get to build a lot on your own too. The content is quite intense but if you have the motivation to put enough time into it, you’ll solidify the skills taught in the bootcamp.

Pekka Tiitinen Web Development Graduate



Choose the best format to start changing your life

9 or 24 weeks to change your life and start a career in tech

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  • Mon to Fri
  • 09:00 - 18:00h

A real world curriculum built around your needs.


Ranked as best coding bootcamp by both Course Report and Switch UP our program is designed based on what employers look for in a full-stack professional.


Our approach includes numerous projects so that you can demonstrate your expertise with real world proven skills.