Women in Tech Week 08.03.21 - 13.03.21

Celebrate Women's Month with Ironhack

During the month of March, women around the world raise their voices to make everyone aware that... yes! We are part of the tech world. And yes! We are coding, analyzing, designing and hacking regardless of our gender. This may sound obvious but... if we still need a month to celebrate, it seems there is a lot to do.

We want to keep inspiring every girl in our community and we want to continue the conversation about things that matter. Together with the global movement Women in Tech from the 8th to the 12th of March we will host daily webinars focused on diversity and inclusion in tech.

Take a moment to learn, reflect and share with the community. Everyday, we are writing our own story and the story of women in tech.

Join us and let’s celebrate together!


With Ayumi Moore Aoki (Women in Tech & Social Brain)
With Linda Pereira (CPL), Beatriz Santos (WIT), and Minty Ascención (Scopely)
With Africa Muñoz (Linkedin)


With Claudia Mendes Silva (Siemens) and Maria-Manuel Leitão-Marques (European Parliament)
With Marta Fonda (Handshake), Elizaveta Ragozina (CERN), and Natasha Silva (Onfido)
With Nikky Hofland (TechMeUp)


With Sarah Nohe (Reef)
With Julia Castillero (Google)
With Dina Korkmazova (Ironhack)


With Anna Riera (Google)
With Mayra Sasso (Try Consultoria)
With Lesly Zerna (Google Developers)



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